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Time Windows – Review

Miranda and her family move from their busy lives in New York to a small town in Massachuettes that already has a haunting history. After a small fire 50 years earlier, no one had lived in the house since. While cleaning and getting assembled into the new house, Miranda comes across a dollhouse replica of her own house stowed away in the attic. It doesn’t take long before Miranda realizes that there is more to the dollhouse than just its appearance. Only Miranda can see into the lives of the past residents, the two families that lived in this house years before. This haunting world soon begins to creep into Miranda’s life and she must try to find a way to save her family from the same events that she sees take place in the dollhouse.

For fans of Lynn Reid Banks, this book is definitely one to pick up. Time Windows by Kathryn Reiss is a very engrossing book. I thought Miranda was well portrayed as a 14 year old girl, sensible, but still naive. This book gave me the shivers when I first started reading it, mostly due to the characters in the dollhouse. Their lives and actions were so captivating that I think I would have fallen just as addicting as Miranda did. The house itself is one of the oldest in the Massachuettes, but the stories in the dollhouse start in the late 19th century, during the Victorian period (which I am a bit obsessed with researching right now).

This book is good for middle readers, but mostly for girls. Although the ghost story is really fun and interesting, I’m not sure boys will be all that entertained by reading a book about a dollhouse. There are some very serious issues in the book, child abuse, ghosts, feminism, that may go over the head of younger readers, so I’d recommend this book for either Accelerated Readers or just 5th grade and up. I think this book will also attract girls in high school as well.

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Time Windows
Kathryn Reiss
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, ©1991
272 pages