Every Last Cuckoo – Review

When her husband of over 50 years passes away after a hiking accident, Sarah Lucas is faced with difficult realities about her life and her relationship with friends and family. As she tries to make sense of her role in the world after Charles’ death, she opens doors to new and unexpected house-guests that form an unlikely strong bond.

I thought this book was very well written and the pacing of the story was absolutely perfect. I ended up reading the book in just one sitting. It had the feel of a friend telling you a story, rather than feeling like fiction. Sarah is a good narrator, full of wisdom and at the same time, full of curiosities. The death of her husband forces her to examine her relationship with her children, the good and the bad of it. She recounts her time with Charles and their intimate moments, as well as their fights and obstacles. The first half of the book begins with Sarah finding Charles laying on the snowy ground on the trail by their house in Vermont. After that the chapters bounce back and forth between the Christmas leading up to the accident, and then finally on life after Charles. I think this transition was well played, showing the full impact that Charles had on the lives of his family member, without seeming cheesy. The characters that enter Sarah’s house after Charles’ passes away range from troubled teens to troubled adults, and their entry into Sarah’s life is evenly paced and never felt forced. Sarah was able to provide solace and nurture to these new residents in ways she couldn’t provide her children. The descriptions in this book make it more of a winter/rainy day read, rather than a summer read, but its a quick and engrossing read nonetheless.

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Every Last Cuckoo
by Kate Maloy
Algonquin Books
ISBN 97815656126756
277 pages

3 responses to “Every Last Cuckoo – Review

  1. I was actually really amazed at how un-forced those people’s entries into Sarah’s life seemed. They all just happened seamlessly, almost without me even noticing.

  2. rantsandreads

    I agree, all of her house guests just fell into place, and I liked how naturally they got along.

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