Library Loot!

I’ve decided to get myself out of my reading funk by splurging on some YA books at the library, but going to the library is like going to Costco. You go in for 1 thing and leave with 20 others…

This week’s installment of Library includes:

The Uglies – Scott Westerfeld

The Gospel According to Larry – Janet Tashjian

What I Call Life – Jill Wolfson

Toe-Up Techniques – Janet Rehfelt

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency – Alexander McCall Smith

2 responses to “Library Loot!

  1. I have heard such great things about Uglies. I want to read that too!!

  2. That problem is why I don’t generally go INTO my library other than to the circulation desk. I just drop off the books I’m returning and pick up the 6-12 books that have come in from my holds, and wonder how on earth I’m going to read these AND the other books I have out AND my review books. Not to mention TBR books that I simply own!

    Anyway, let me just say “yay ‘Uglies’!” Make sure the other books are in (at least “Pretties” and “Specials”) before you start reading that, because you won’t want to have to wait.

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