Weekly Word Round-Up

A new weekly feature I’m going to try really hard to maintain (I have a bad track record with these things I know, I know), is basically a summary of all the new words I’ve learned during the week. Words from books, magazines, TV, music, etc.

I started something like this in high school. I kept a journal of words that I had to look up from certain musicians. I was debating starting a Sunny dictionary (pending copyright infringement laws) of all the words Sunny Baudelaire says throughout the entire Series of Unfortunate Events books. I’d still like to keep to a Sunny dictionary (just for myself I guess).

So, this weekly theme is my next compromise.

But first a question:

How do you like to look up a word’s meaning?

a. Guess from the sentence context

b. Look up in an online dictionary

c. Look up in a traditional dictionary

d. Phone a friend

The words

* Fetid — Stinking

* Gauche — Lacking social experience or grace

* Edematous — effusion of serous fluid into the interstices of cells in tissue spaces or into body cavities.

* Pleura — a delicate serous membrane investing each lung in mammals and folded back as a lining of the corresponding side of the thorax.


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