Reading + Puzzles + Book Blogs = FUN

Come join the Puzzling World of Winston Breen. A good friend of mine is friend’s with puzzler and author Eric Berlin and linked me to this awesome event that will start tomorrow when the first puzzle is posted. The puzzles are aimed at adults, but I think kids working with their parents can have fun with it too!

The Rules:

Every day from April 16th to April 22nd, there will be a new puzzle waiting for you on a different blog:

April 16th: A Patchwork of Books
April 17th: Fuse #8
April 18th: Shelf Elf
April 19th: Books Together
April 20th: Bookshelves of Doom
April 21st: Chicken Spaghetti
April 22nd: Oz and Ends

Go to every blog! Solve every puzzle! Submit your answers by the end of each day to Every day, one randomly drawn correct answer will win a signed copy of The Potato Chip Puzzles!

And save your answers — you’re going to need them to solve the final puzzle on April 22nd. One randomly drawn person who submits the right answer to that puzzle will win not only The Potato Chip Puzzles but over two dozen other books, courtesy of G.P. Putnam’s Sons!

Get ready to start solving! The party begins April 16th!

Come on….you know you want to join!! I’ll be keeping up with this challenge on my Twitter feed during the next week.

One response to “Reading + Puzzles + Book Blogs = FUN

  1. Thanks for the mention. Just to clarify, the event starts whenever that first blogger makes her post, which will probably not be at midnight sharp. Facebook doesn’t understand those niceties, however, so I had to put down a time.

    I hope you enjoy the puzzles!

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