What is your Dewey Identity?

In honor of National Library Week:

Here is something cool you can do with your name and the Dewey Decimal System.

Go to this webpage

Type in your name (I went with my site name).

Pick a background color and voila! Through a letter decoding formula, you can see what Dewey Century you belong to. I neatly fell into the 6OOs, which works because I’ve finally started knitting again.

So…what Dewey code are you?

The Novel World’s Dewey Decimal Section:

646 Sewing, clothing & personal living

The Novel World = 0854525235824 = 085+452+523+582+4 = 1646

600 Technology

Health, agriculture, management, public relations, buildings.

What it says about you:
You are creative and inspired to make the world a better place. You can work hard on something when it catches your interest. Your friends have unique interests in common with you.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

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