Do you know where your library is?

Admit it, not every reader is a library user, and not every library user is a reader. At the library I meet tons of people each week that tell me “I live just down the street and never knew you were here!” Libraries are not just about books anymore. Libraries are about providing programs and events for families, adults, teens and kids. Libraries are about free computer/Internet use and free computer classes for those wanting to learn. Free programming for teens after school to keep them occupied, their brains working and help keep them out the trouble. The library is about storytimes and crafts for toddlers to help promote literacy, hand-eye coordination and other basic motor skills still developing. The library is about the community. If you live near a library, but have never stopped by, go on. Poke your head in. I promise they won’t bite. Check out the Library Friend’s bookstore. Did you know that most libraries rely on their Friend’s budget to help put on programs and craft and other major events? Buy a book from the Friend’s bookstore and help the library out. =)

Don’t know where your local library is? Go to this website and search for your nearest library. Go to to find out which books from your TBR list can be found at the library nearest you.

2 responses to “Do you know where your library is?

  1. I wasn’t a library user for the longest time, but now I think my car could drive there on its own. When I open a new tab in Google Chrome, it gives me the option of clicking on any of my 9 most visited sites to go straight there and, yes, my library’s catalog is one of those sites because of how obsessively I check to see how my holds are coming and whether any of the books I have out have been put on hold by someone else.

  2. I love my library! I go about three times a week…

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