Cool stuff

Here are some interesting websites from my weekly ALA newsletter. I thought these would stick out to readers the best:

1. 10 Websites for Book Lovers (and no, this list does not include LibraryThing of Shelfari), it talks about 10 newer websites with similar vibes, but seemingly cooler features, including: Paperback Swap, Gurulib, and Book Glutton to name a few.

2.  Why do people steal rare books? I know why I would, do your reasons match this article?

3. The San Francisco Public Library receives a speical award for its architectural design.

4. Why you shouldn’t lose your library card at the scene of the crime. And to piggy back on that topic, always remember to go to your local library and notify the employes when you lose your wallet, because other people can use your card and you’ll end up being held responsible for hundreds of dollars of stolen library materials!


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