Budget Living – Groceries

This post is moreso to help me organize my thoughts for my project at the library. I’m starting a new program called Budget Living. Each month, I’m going to research and discuss a new cost-cutting method, little tips and tricks for everyone in my neighborhood. I work in a very low-income area of San Jose, so I think this new program will be useful. How to stretch the dollar. I’m currently perusing the book The Cheapest Family in the World, and trying to implement the tips into my own routine. Starting with groceries for April’s forum.

10 Tips To Cut Your Grocery Bills

1. Go shopping twice a month.

2. Prepare a menu plan at the start of week.

3. Take a shopping list and only buy items on the list,

4. Match coupons with sale items for the best deals.

5. Sometimes, generic brand items are cheaper than name brand with coupon.

6. Cooking from scratch is sometimes cheaper than buying pre-assembled, or packaged meals.

7. Don’t shop on an empty stomach

8. Look for items above and below eye level, they tend to be cheaper.

9. Don’t shop at just one store. Look at ads from all the stores in your area to find the best deals.

10. Stock up on sale items for non-perishables.

Today is Tuesday March 10th, 2009.
For the rest of the month I will be researching how to save money on my groceries, as well as keeping track of how much I spend when grocery shopping. I will implement these money saving tricks in April.

One response to “Budget Living – Groceries

  1. Will keep these in mind. The “below and above eye level” tip makes a lot of sense upon a little thought. I’d never considered that before, though.

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