Strange things in library books

This is a topic that can usually be discussed for weeks on end. People always leave strange objects in library books. I’ve seen birth certificates, car deeds, scraps of paper, real bookmarks, etc.

My favorite has to be this note that I found a week ago.

There was this note folded up into a self-made envelope. Me, being the nosy person that I am, opened up the note and started reading. (I’ve paraphrased the actual message, since I’ve forgotten all the details, but this is the main gist of it)

“Dear Mama and Papi,
Please don’t look through my belongings or else I’ll be very annoyed”
Love, xxxxxx

“Sweetheart, the only reason we do this is because we love and care about you. We are proud of you and all your accomplishments”
love mama, and papi.

But, the BEST part about this all? This was shoved in a book called Until Proven Innocent.



3 responses to “Strange things in library books

  1. I’ve never found anything quite so entertaining, but I do find lots of newpaper clippings and old letters inside the collection I’m barcoding for the library where I volunteer. I’m on a section that hardly anyone ever checks out, so many of these letters and clippings are from the original owners. We leave them in there as little bits of the book’s history that someone might like to rediscover someday.

  2. curledupwithabook

    That’s hilarious! I remember that I sometimes wrote things like that in my diary because I thought my sister or mom would try to read it, but I never got a response from a guilty party!

  3. I could see how that would be annoying. But it makes for a great library book find.

    Have you heard of Found magazine. They’d love that note. It’s a magazine full of things people have found. It quite fun actually.

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