Jesus Swept – Review

Do Good, Be Nice, Have Fun.

This is the motto and the thinking behind this debut novel by author James Protzman. In this book, we follow a motley crew assortment of people in the south trying to make sense of their lives. The characters are interestingly interwoven within each other, without really knowing each other. The chapters are short and fast paced, at times graphic, and and usually with a quirky and sarcastic take. The book examines the gritty world of religion gone wrong, starting initially with Jesus, aka Gary Gray, sweeping floors with brooms made by his mother and a duo of friends as they travel to Jacksonville. Hook was my favorite character and it was interesting watching her development throughout the novel.

An interesting read, not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of profanity and sexuality sprinkled throughout the novel, enough so that you learn to expect the vulgar from this cast of characters. There were times when some of the scenes felt forced and the depravity of some of the characters over the top. I got the feeling that the author was being more critical of people who aren’t religious, casting them in incredibly negative light. To me that was a turn-off in the book. Although this book isn’t something I would seek out in a bookstore, it was an interesting read, and a different venture from my usual reading tastes.

Jesus Swept


Jesus Swept
by James Protzman
Kitsune Books, 2008
ISBN 0979270079
276 pages


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2 responses to “Jesus Swept – Review

  1. James Protzman

    Hi … and thanks for the good review. A B- is better than a C any day.

    You make an interesting point about the profanity. It came up today in a radio interview. My mission was to make fun of all the swearing in our mixed up world. I may have fallen short.

    In any case, thanks for reading my book. I’ll have another for you in about a year. The faint of heart will be happier, I think.

    And it’s likely I will too.

    And don’t forget. DGBNHF.

  2. James Protzman

    Shoot. Looks like my link broke. Try this.

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