Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

Coraline – movie review

Has anyone else seen the movie Coraline yet? Was it not the most awesome 3-D movie??

I read that book quite a few years ago, but didn’t really how creepy the whole concept really was until I saw the movie Sunday night. The movie, was fantastic, first off. The 3-D animation, the storyline, graphics. Everything was so visually appealing and well put together. I really want to go see it again. Neil Gaiman has a magic touch, I swear. The man can do no wrong (well, except maybe Stardust. That book was a little to girly for my taste). But everything else of his is pure wonder, psyche and  adventure.

This is really a movie that must be seen in the theaters. Don’t wait for the DVD!!!

To see what theaters in your area are showing the 3D verison, do a Google Search for Coraline 3D and your Zip Code. If you put only Coraline and your Zip Code, you get only the 2D versions, and that’s just not acceptable. =p

100 – Philosophy and Psychology

Please post your reviews for books in the 100’s at this link. Reviews posted here in February are eligable for the Adapative Blue Amazon Giveaway. =) Thanks so much for participating guys!