On What Grounds – Review

Okay, I have a weak spot for puns, I have a weak spot for coffee, and I have a new addiction to mystery books. All that combined = A Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle.

Not the usually high caliber literary work that wins awards, but I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t want to read heavy and profound works of literature. I want to read something that keeps my attentions, and makes me laugh along the way.

On What Grounds (Coffeehouse Mysteries, No. 1)On What Grounds fits the bill. On Clare Cosi’s first day back in New York to manage the Village Blend, she discovers the unconscious body of one of her employees at the bottom of the basement steps. While the police ruled the incident as accidental, Clare thinks there was some foul play involved and soon starts her own investigation to find out what really happened to Anabell.

Along the way, there is a sexy Lietenant Quinn and her ex-husband Matteo vying for her attention. Coyle has done her research on New York history, infusing, at times overwhelming, the story by name-dropping the most recognizable aspects of history and New York celebrities in relation to the coffeehouse The Village Blend. One thing that I enjoyed the most are the paragraphs devoted to coffee, making coffee and the history of coffee. I’m an amateur coffee drinker at best, but this book gives a pretty good introduction in the difference in flavors, in the quality of a cup of coffee. I’m ready to go out and experiment my newfound knowledge with coffeehouse along the Bay.

What I like most about these types of genre mysteries is that in the back pages of the book, there are little freebies. In this book, there are freebie recipes for coffee, cocktails, and cappuchino walnut cheesecake. Other genre mysteries have crossword puzzles, knitting patternts, etc. Most anything that was mentioned throughout the book is available for the reader who finishes the book. =) Who doesn’t like freebies?

I requested the following 6 books in the series, and so far only books 4, 5, and 6 have come in for me. So I’m making due with reading a couple other books in the meantime (Dead To The World and Confessions of a Former Child).


On What Grounds
by Clare Cosi
Berkeley Prime Crime, 2003
ISBN 042519213x
276 pages


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