Daily Archives: January 29, 2009

Moon News

Tuesday was my six year anniversary with my boyfriend. To celebrate, we decided to head up to Half Moon Bay and explore. I haven’t been up there since high school, and he’s never been there, so it felt like a first time visit for the both of us.

The main strip is very, very tiny, all of 4 blocks. Its a very cozy and secluded little city, with one of the most scenic routes with which to gain entrance. On Main Street, we found not 1, not even 2, but 3 independent bookstores all within a 2 block distance.

Moon News was the winner, since 1 bookstore was closed and the other didn’t have as good of a selection.

It has a great selection. It was my first introduction to a number of the titles on the shelves, and belive me, I took extensive notes on titles to follow up with. There is also a fantastic and cozy reading area pictured below the post. The sad part is that the bookstore is selling itself. Its the second bookstore I’ve seen go on sale in the Bay Area. Willow Glen Books in San Jose and now Moon News. =( I’m very bummed. Then again, my shopping via Amazon is not helping out the local bookstores one bit.

Please go visit Moon News if you’re in the Bay Area before its gone. I only discovered it a few days ago, and I already wish I knew about it earlier. Quality bookstores are slowly creeping up on the endangered species list.

Reading area at Moon News