OOO’s- Generalities Reviews

Please post all your reviews for books in the OOO’s here. I’m still getting used to hosting a challenge, so please bear with me, as I try to get everything decently organized. I’ll have a link to this post in the DDC page of my blog as well.


6 responses to “OOO’s- Generalities Reviews

  1. I read The Book that Changed My Life for this category — and I’m giving away my copy. So if anyone’s looking for an 000, book, you could win mine….

    review here

  2. I read Henry Petroski’s fascinating The Book on the Bookshelf, shelved by my library at 022.4 P497b 1999. It was a very informative history of the common bookcase.

    My review is up over here.

  3. I read Michael Dirda’s Book by Book: Notes on Reading and Life (DDC 028.9 22). My thoughts are here.

  4. I read Rereadings, ed. by Anne Fadiman (028.9 R428) and The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel (020. M277L) for 000. I read them both in January, but I just posted my review here.

  5. I read The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Critical Reading – I thought it would be a good way to start off a year of reading! My post is here.

  6. I read Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery. There weren’t many 00’s at my local library.

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