Daily Archives: December 24, 2008

Internet Footnote #4

Fans of Alexander McCall Smith might already know about this website, but I’m throwing it out there anyways.

This is another serialized web-novel, via the UK’s Telegraph.

The premise is really creative. As the Telegraph put it:

Alexander McCall Smith is writing his first ever online novel Corduroy Mansions exclusively for Telegraph.co.uk. A new chapter will appear on this page each weekday for the next 20 weeks. The best-selling author welcomes your suggestions as the story unfolds.

Corduroy Mansions by Alexander McCall Smith is so far in its 70th Cahpter, but don’t worry, the chapters are short, quick and fun reads.

McCall Smith (I’m never sure how to address author’s with 2 last names) is the author of The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency, a mystery series that is quite popular at my library system. After reading through a few chapters of Corduroy Mansions, I can see why.

You can sign up to recieve e-mails of each updated/new chapter. YOu can listen to the chapters on Itunes, or just read them on the telegraph website.