Dewey Decimal Challenge – Official Post


So here is my official post for my Dewey Decimal Challenge for 2009.

I created a separate page to keep track of all the Challenge happenings.

This is the first challenge I’ve ever run, but I feel pretty confident about the overall plan. The goal is to read 10 books, 1 book from each Dewey Century in the span of a year. You can organize your reading plan anyway you want. Between January and December 31st I’ll have random topics and activities following each Dewey Century from 000 to 999 in that order.

Rules and Sign-up are located HERE

One response to “Dewey Decimal Challenge – Official Post

  1. Thanks for the comment on Starbucked! There is a lot of talk of Peet’s in the book as the people who originally started Starbucks sold it and now own and operate Peet’s!

    I’ve never had it though. Next time I am in a location that has a Peet’s I will have to try it out.

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