Dewey Decimal System Challenge

I know in one of my last posts I said I would avoid joining challenges, only to join the Library Thing 999 Challenge, and now here am I, wanting to start my own challenge.

I’m only 12 pages into a book about the history of libraries and it reminds me of a goal I had for myself back when I first started High School. I wanted to read every single book in the library before I graduated High School. I even checked out 5 books, one from each section (nonfiction, children’s, adult, etc). The first nonfiction book I read was of a scientists from Texas who swore he was abducted by aliens. My goal frittered out after that book.

I’ve decided that in 2009, I’m going to revive this lofty goal for myself, but with a few modifications. Instead of trying to read every single book, I’m going to follow the Dewey Decimal System, and read 1 book from each Dewey century. That would also help me cover my nonfiction books for my 999 Challenge. If anyone else wants to join me in this challenge, let me know, I can try to come up with some fun monthly topics and points of view of that month’s Dewey category.

So, the Dewey Chain goes as follows:
000 – Generalities
100 – Philosophy and Psychology
200 – Religion
300 – Social Sciences
400 – Language
500 – Natural Sciences + Math
600 – Technology
700 – The Arts
800 – Literature and Rhetoric
900 – Geography and History

I have created a webpage dedicated to this challenge. If you are interested in joining, please go HERE for full rules and sign-up.


9 responses to “Dewey Decimal System Challenge

  1. This is a great idea! I was wanting to join some kind of nonfiction challenge and hadn’t seen a general one like this (I think I may also join Eva’s “World Citizen” challenge). Sounds great! I’m going to plan on it!

  2. what’s the book you’re reading about the history of libraries? just curious…

  3. Yay!! I already have one recruit! How awesome!!! I created a page just for the challenge, you can go here to sign-up. =)

    The book I’m reading right now is called Library: An Unquiet History by Matthew Battles.
    Its a really quotable book about reading, books and libraries.

  4. Very fun, and I’ll probably take part! I hosted a Nonfiction Bookworms Carnival awhile back, and arranged it according to this theme. It might help give some reading suggestions. šŸ™‚

  5. When I was a Library Science major in college, I started on this and never finsihsed, here is my chance.

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  7. This sounds like fun. I know that generalities is going to be the trickiest catagory for me. If I recall correctly, this “topic” is just reference work.


  8. I now have a blog jsut for review, if you care to read them.

    Books finsihed are at A Novel Challnge


  9. I am done:

    000 – Generalities Sakurai, Gail The Library of Congress 027.573 S
    100 – Philosophy and Psychology Parks, Peggy J. Witches 133.43 P
    200 – Religion Fisher, Leonard Eerett Jason and the Golden Fleece 292.13 F
    300 – Social Sciences Food and Feasts int he Middle Ages Imogene Dawson 394.12 D
    400 – Language Donoughue, Carol he Mystery of the Hieroglphs 493.1 D
    500 – Natural Sciences + Math Blizzard, Steven Ofinski 551.578 M
    600 – Technology Nottridge, Rhoda Apples
    700 – The Arts Richardson, Joy Inside the Museum
    800 – Literature and Rhetoric Willard, Nancy East of the Sun and West of the Moon play, 812.54W 64
    900 – Geography and History Giles, Bridget Nigeria 966.9G

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