A Bone to Pick – Review

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A Bone to Pick by Charlaine Harris
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery

A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Book 2)In this sequel to Real Murders, A Bone To Pick once again takes us back to Lawrenceton and librarian crime-solver, Roe Teagarden. The books jumps right into two weddings and one funeral. During the funeral, Roe meets Bubba Sewell, the lawyer for the deceased Jane Engle. Roe and Jane were members of the now disbanded Real Murderer’s club that was so prevalent in the first book. Although they were club members, neither Jane nor Roe were very close. When Roe finds out that she inherited all of Jane’s belongings, including a house, over five hundred thousand dollars and a cat, Roe knew that there was more to the inheritance than just the financial benefits. Setting out to look for clues in Jane’s house, Roe comes across a hidden skull, and soon figures out that Jane left her a murder to solve.

In terms of mystery books, this one was a real dud. There wasn’t much of a mystery. Every character was a good guy, and most of the characters were really dull and without much substance. There wasn’t much plot to the book other than Roe coming to terms to with her inheritance and trying endlessly to find the love of her life. I was really disappointed with book, because Real Murders started out with a lot of spunk and energy. I’m going to give the third book in the series a try: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse, and hope that it doesn’t fall flat either. I rated Real Murder PG-13, but this book I would give a G to PG rating. Very neutral, and very tame.

A Bone to Pick
Charlaine Harris
Berkeley Prime Crime, 1992
ISBN 0425219799
262 pages


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