Polygamous borrowing habits

Although I like to think of myself as monogamous in regards to my books, (I can only read one book at a time), I do like to be polygamous with my borrowing habits. I usually walk out of the library with about 5 books each week, and end up returning them all, having read only half. My newest endeavor is racking up library cards. I now have one city and two county library cards, which gives me access to over 50 libraries in the Bay Area. My assumption is that now I won’t have to wait for months to read the next book in a series because one library system only has one copy to share with all its branches, and I’m not fond of buying books in the middle of the series.



One response to “Polygamous borrowing habits

  1. Excellent idea on having multiple library cards. For me that would mean of course having multiple overdue fines! But you’re right; you have a better shot at getting a book you want.

    Best of all, though, is your term monogamous in referring to being a single-book-at-a-time reader! Made me laugh, also when picturing you walking out with a stack from the library. What is it with us and that kind of habit? A library card is better than a credit card, I’ve always said. Well, especially now.

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