Ditch the Flip-Flops – Review

Despite the lengthy title, Ditch the Flip-Flops: Ace Your Job Interview Fresh Out of College, it’s Your Toughest Test Yet by Sylvia I Landy, is one book that I think is highly valuable for college graduates. As a recent college graduate, I can attest that the advice laid out in this comprehensive guide is well prepared. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree in late May and began the intensive job search for my career field. Using my skills from my library science classes, I did a lot of research online to find resume, cover letter and job interview advice. I spoke to family and friends to receive feedback. All in all, everything I found online is in this book, along with a few more detailed aimed specifically at the fresh out of college, but lacking work experience sub-group that I fell into.Ace Your Job Interview Fresh Out of College

The book is broken up into 3 parts; Plug In, Connect, Power Up. Each section focuses on different elements of the job search. The book provides worksheets, sample interview questions, sample resumes and cover letters, as well as proper etiquette in terms of dress and mannerisms. There is even a section called Talk Turkey which includes an A-Z vocabulary list of professional verbiage. A couple of the unique aspects were the GEAKE and KISS handouts. The GEAKE stands for “grab ‘em and keep ‘em pitch”. This is 1.5 minute bio that sums up your experience, skills and why you should be hired. I think this is a great way to boast confidence by being able to swiftly and effectively explain your qualifications. The KISS, the Key Information Sell Sheet, tags along with the GEAKE. It is a “one page leave behind with four to six points that emphasize your viability and energy”. I thought these two documents are great for those new to the field, since most of the interview competition come in with some sort of portfolio or presentation packet. It’s a benefit to have something in addition to the typical resume to leave behind.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic resource, and many of the tips and tricks are applicable to anyone with little job experience looking to find a new career. Most of the advice in this book you can find online, but why spend the time searching when it’s all in one book? The book also includes a list of sources that readers can refer to for more detailed information.


Ditch the Flip-Flops: Ace Your Job Interview Fresh Out of College, it’s Your Toughest Test Yet
By Sylvia I. Landy
Keystone Three LLC, 2007
ISBN 979026508
289 pages


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One response to “Ditch the Flip-Flops – Review

  1. This sounds like a book I need if I ever decide to stop avoiding the real world by doing graduate school forever. Except going on to do a PhD is in my life plan, so I hope I don’t actually need it!

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