The best birthday present

Is coming home and finding two packages in the mail filled with books!!

I pre-ordered Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, and it arrived just one day after my birthday, and just in time because he is doing a couple of readings in the Bay Area this week. He was in San Fransisco last night and will be in Palo Alto tonight. This book will be the third book of his that I have signed. Despite turning 25 (apparently a landmark birthday) I’m much much much more excited about seeing Neil Gaiman speak. Most people go to concerts, I go to author talks.

The Graveyard Book is a children’s book, but then, when is any Neil Gaiman children’s book just for kids? He’s said that Coraline has given adults nightmares. Its a very thick book, but is also filled with illustrations. I may have to put a moratorium on my 1-book-at-a-time routine and start doubling up on my reading again.

I will definitely post highlights from the event tonight, but I’m sure there will already be a number of YouTube movies of the same event up before Neil Gaiman has even finished signing his last book.

The Graveyard Book

2 responses to “The best birthday present

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this book, I just placed an order for a copy, a Christmas gift to my sons. Gaiman is amazing–prolific and successful in a number of different media. Gives the rest of us poor scribblers something to shoot for…

  2. He’s a very inspirational author. Even if he work is mostly fantasy, he has a very keen insight into human characteristics and makes the characters incredibly realistic.

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