Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

The reader becomes a writer…of sorts

At what point does an avid reader decide to take up the art of writing?   Good writers aren’t always the best readers. Good readers aren’t always the best writers. But at some point, don’t you get fed up with reading so many frustrating books, with a disappointing characters or endings that just aren’t doing what you want them to do?

I’ve been a little bit burned out from reading so much this past year. I’ve read more books this past year than I did the previous 3 years combined. My head is swimming with so many different concepts, characters and plotlines, that the only way to clear up my mind is to start writing some stories of my own. Naturally, writing is a real challenge, but I wonder if its really something that you can fine-tune with creative writing classes, or if good writing just needs good editing and good reviews? Since I still have limited access to the Internet, I’ve been spending more time writing than reading. Its very therapeutic, and if anything, helps me appreciate the books I read, now that I can understand just how difficult the writing process is. I don’t think I’ll complain so much about the amount of time it takes an author to finish a novel (although 5 + years is still excessive). There is a lot to be said for the amount of detail spent over each word. Particularly in short stories where motifs and symbolism has to be consistant from page one.

I’ve also been busy with work lately. I taught my first computer class at the library yesterday. I taught Intro to Blogging. It was great being able to share my experience with blogging with curious students. I hope they all have successful blogs and get the same joy and feeling of accomplishment that I do whenever I hit the “publish” button. Story times are going great as well. I love it when the same kids come each week, and I can see them open up a little bit more, feel a little bit more independent.