Weekly Geek #14

Yay, Weekly Geek is back up and running over at Hidden Side of a Leaf. These week’s geek theme is a photo tour:

Many of you have already posted photos of bookshelves, so here are some other ideas for photo tours. You could post just one, or many.

*Bookshelves, of course.
*TBR piles.
*Your favorite places to read in your house or apartment.
*Other favorite places to read: coffee shop? library? park? secret hiding place at work?
*Your book group: faces, places, books you’ve read for it.
*Collages: books you’ve read or plan to read, or just your librarything collage.
*Your kids reading in their favorite places.
*Your own ideas!

So the only real guideline for this week’s Weekly Geeks is that it should include bookish photos.

Copying my best friend’s idea, I split up my TBR pile and my already-read pile between my two bookshelves. This one is my To be Read Bookcase. 4 of the 5 shelves are all books that I own. The 2nd shelf from top are all books that are borrowed from friends and need to be returned. I believe there is a total of 84 some odd books on those shelves. This bookshelf doesn’t really change, because I tend to check books out from the library rather than read what’s on this shelf. But, I did manage to move Northanger Abbey over from one shelf to another. Also, A Secret Life of Bees will be finding itself a new home soon.

The top three rows on this stack of shelves are books I’ve already read. These two bookcases make my bedroom. Lovely waking up to such wonderful sights each morning. I used to have a third bookcase, same size as the one holding all of my TBR books. But I managed to donate enough titles to actually move one bookshelf out of my room.

I was at an Art Festival in Palo Alto Sunday afternoon, and happened to cross a street filled with chalk art. There were a number of beautiful renditions of art. This one of Curious George is the most bookish. Unfortunately, you can’t see the top of it very well from the glare of the sunlight.

3 responses to “Weekly Geek #14

  1. Hey, I tagged you for this get-to-know-you meme, Inside the Reader’s Studio.

  2. I love the Curious George chalk art (and your header image)!

  3. Love your shelves! Your tbr is much like mine … instead of reading from mine, I tend to read library loans or borrowed books.

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