Life is a series of…

Does anyone else hate this senario? You go the library, pick up a book that sounds like a really interesting read. You take said book home, do a little research on the author after having read a chapter of the book, and find out that you’re in fact reading the third and final book in a series?

I’ll either have to go and find the first two books before completing this title, or just send it back to the library and hope that one day it will resurface atop by TBR pile.

2 responses to “Life is a series of…

  1. Yes. That series thing.
    And then I get all nuts about reading them in the proper order – you can’t always tell by the book or the list inside which shows “other books by…” Harumph.

  2. Hiiii
    Woow, it had never happened to me until NOW
    My dad sent me 2 books and one of them is the II part of Montesquieu’s Persian’s Letters…
    I started reading and then I saw LETTER 87… 87???!!! how come!
    I am reading that anyway, if I find the 1st part ok, if not, that is fine too… hehehehe the book is very interesting

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