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Guest Post – Reading and Writing by a Reader and a Writer

Terry Finley, author of; Love Stories? and The man in the Trees: (and other Short Stories), discusses his views on reading from a writer’s point of view.

Reading and Writing by a Reader and a Writer
by Terry Finley


Which one do I love more: reading or writing?

First, I wish I had (took) more time to do both. Reading is essential to writing. A writer must stretch to write better than what he reads. A reader must stretch to get the most from what the writer states. A writer who does not read is not much of a writer.

Second, I love to read. I enjoy adventure authors: Jack Higgins, Ernest Hemmingway, Clive Cussler, etc, etc. I get high on closing my eyes and seeing myself in the story. I hear the boat motor. I smell the smoke. I taste the coffee and the ice cream. I feel the sand and the heat from the sun. I sense the fear and urgency. I love the good guys, and I hate the bad guys. I love to win, and I dislike with a passion to lose.

I love to read.

Third, I love to write. I am the god in a world of my creation. However, most of my stories never end the way I thought they would; the characters take on lives of their own and write their own stories. Still, by far, it is my story. I am Jack Higgins, Ernest Hemmingway, Clive Cussler (and others of my heroes). I am a man of my own making. I am my very own hero. I create the boat motor, the smoke, the coffee and the ice cream, the sand, the sun, the fear and urgency, the good and the bad guys. I always win, with a passion.

I love to write.

Last, my personal goal is to write the perfect short story. I plan to retire from my JOB in a year and a half. I have already written fifty short stories. I am almost through my own self-paced apprenticeship. If I can become half the writer my writing champions are, I will be a good writer. Then I may be a great writer, and then I have a good shot at writing the perfect short story.

While I love to read, I suppose I love to write more.


Thanks for your interest in my interests.