Friday Finds

This is a very fun concept from MizB to post each week about new books recently discovered. Working at a library, I see new books all the time, especially since our New Books shelf is in a constant state of needing to be restocked at least every hour.

Some new founds this week that made it onto my To Be Read list include:

1. Castaway Kid by R.B. Mitchell

One Man's Search for Hope and Home (Focus on the Family Books)

Back cover synopsis

“Abandoned by his parents when he was just three years old, Rob Mitchell began his journey as one of the last “lifers” in an American orphanage. As Rob’s loneliness and rage grew, his hope shrank. Would he ever find a real family or a place to call home?”

2. The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

A Novel

Back cover synopsis

“Fourteen-year-old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother’s loneliness. Believing that she might discover it in an old book her mother is lovingly translating, she sets out in search of its author. Across New York an old man named Leo Gursky is trying to survive a little bit longer. He spends his days dreaming of the lost love who, sixty years ago in Poland, inspired him to write a book. And although he doesn’t know it yet, that book also survived: crossing oceans and generations, and changing lives.”

3. The Film Club by David Gilmour

A Memoir

Back cover synopsis

“At the start of this brilliantly unconventional family memoir, David Gilmour is an unemployed movie critic trying to convince his fifteen-year-old son Jesse to do his homework. When he realizes Jesse is beginning to view learning as a loathsome chore, he offers his son an unconventional deal: Jesse could drop out of school, not work, not pay rent – but he must watch three movies a week of his father’s choosing.

Week by week, side by side, father and son watched everything from True Romance to Rosemary’s Baby to Showgirls, and films by Akira Kurosawa, Martin Scorsese, Brian DePalma, Billy Wilder, among others. The movies got them talking about Jesse’s life and his own romantic dramas, with mercurial girlfriends, heart-wrenching breakups, and the kind of obsessive yearning usually seen only in movies.

Through their film club, father and son discussed girls, music, work, drugs, money, love, and friendship – and their own lives changed in surprising ways.”

3 responses to “Friday Finds

  1. Thanks for playing along in the “Friday Finds” event! đŸ™‚

    PS… I LOVE your header pic! That’s so cute! Reminds me of the painting by Charles Wysocki — “Frederick the Literate” (one of my favorites). đŸ˜‰


  2. rantsandreads

    Awww. Frederick the Literate is so cute! My header picture I found from my old college English Department website, and it was too adorable not to use. =)

  3. Love your friday finds concept. Also, dangerous! REady to set out, as always, for the bookstore. (does anyone understand this passion? But the library is always closed when I can get to it and it has this crazy 2-week, no amnest rule. )
    Anyway, love these “finds” – you must love, I mean LOVE, your job! I can’t think of anything better other than maybe being paid to read!

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