Weekly Geek #10 – Magazines

This week’s Weekly Geeks theme is to talk about the magazines we read. In order to get you started, I prepared a little magazines meme, but feel free to take it further if you want. I also think it’d be great if you displayed images of the covers of your favorite magazines.

For each magazine you want to talk about, here are a few questions. Answer as many or as few as you want.

I don’t read too many magazines, so instead of answering the 6 questions for each magazine, I’ll just group them all together.

1. Name of magazine.

My magazine tastes vary depending on where I am (at the library or waiting at a doctor’s office). But I normally tend to read library journals such as Library Journal, and American Libraries. I subscribe to Consumer Reports and I used to subscribe to Health magazine.

2. Do you subscribe or just buy it now and then?

I subscribe to Consumer Reports, but for the most part, I read magazines at the library, or whichever magazines have been donated to my gym that I flip through while on the treadmill.

3. What’s your favorite regular feature in the magazine?

In Consumer Reports I love the quality comparisons for typical appliances and foods. I like comparisons of goods (make-up, cars, clothing, foods) and I love recipe sections in magazines like Family Circle.

4. What do you think your interest in this magazine says about you?

I think my tastes in magazines says that I like to research before purchasing any expensive items, I like to know the quality of items, but I also like to know when I’m getting a deal, or when I’m overpaying. I like to stay up to date with the latest trends, but I don’t necessarily run my life by what a magazine says is “in” for that month.

5. How long have you been reading this magazine?

I’ve been subscribing to Consumer Reports for about 2 years, but the rest of the magazines I’ve been reading for the past few years.

6. Is there any unique or quirky aspect to the magazine that keeps you reading?

In Consumer Reports, usually on the inside of the back cover, there is a section of advertising goofs and misleading propaganda that is always good for a laugh.

One response to “Weekly Geek #10 – Magazines

  1. Since you read Consumer Rpt, can you tell me the best washer I can buy for $500? Mine just quit yesterday… just kidding! actually, I’m not. I flip through all the jokes in my Reader’s Digest and never seem to get back to the articles!

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