Daily Archives: June 25, 2008


I promise I will have a book review up by Friday. I’ve been very engrossed in the book I’m reading right now, and I keep delaying reading it, because I don’t want to find out what happens, even though I’m told in the first two pages of the book! That’s a sign of good writing.

This week has been pretty hectic for me since I started my new job at the library branch. There has been quite a bit of training, but I love every second of it. Its an amazing feeling helping someone find the books they are looking for, working on programming to help enlighten and empower the residents of a somewhat poor neighborhood. The library patrons have so far been very understanding with my bubbling around, trying to find out the answers to seemingly routine questions. No troublesome teens, but I think that may pick up when school starts up again in September. Either way, I’m happy where I am. Now I need to start thinking of some original programming I can do on my own. So far, I’m just tagging along with the current set of programs, but I really should start something constant. Maybe in a month or so, when I get a better feel for the patron needs. I’ve so far been put in charge of the upkeep of the entire Nonfiction and Sci-Fi/Fantasy sections of library, making sure everything is up-to-date and being read. Sci-Fi sections tend to get neglected in most libraries since sci-fi readers tend to buy rather than borrow those books. I think its because the books are written in series and its just easier to keep up wit the latest in the series by just buying it.