Book Giveaway by author Scott Douglas

Taking a page out of the Choose Your Own Adventure series (which I particularly adored as a child) author and librarian Scott Douglas, announced on his Blog that he is giving away eBooks of a book he wrote. You can go to a wiki page that he set up and have a chance to change parts of the book that you don’t necessarily like. You can make modifications to scenes, characters, descriptions, etc.

There are a few ways to get this book:
1. Go to the blog for the book (
2. Download a PDF, MS Word, or TXT version of the book on my website (
3. Go right to the wiki page (

Keep in mind you will need to start a free Wetpaint Wiki account in order to make the changes.

2 responses to “Book Giveaway by author Scott Douglas

  1. What a wild (and brave) idea! I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  2. rantsandreads

    Susan – I can’t wait to see the final product either! Although, doesn’t this sound like the bookish version of what the producers did for Snakes on the Plane?

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