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Cody’s Bookstore – final days

This is very disheartening for the Bay Area. The SF Chronicle reports that Cody’s Bookstore, the treasured and somewhat legendary literary landmark in the Bay Area is shutting its doors due to lagging sales.

Cody’s was something of a symbol in Berkeley, a witness to and supporter of the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s, a well-stocked cornerstone of literacy for the thousands of students and faculty patrons from nearby UC Berkeley and a practitioner, in its own right, of free-speech principles.”

I’ve seen many a great author hold reading at this bookstore, and my best friend and I would always wander around the store of a few hours every time I went to visit her at UC Berkeley.

You can read the full article below the link.

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Book Giveaway by author Scott Douglas

Taking a page out of the Choose Your Own Adventure series (which I particularly adored as a child) author and librarian Scott Douglas, announced on his Blog that he is giving away eBooks of a book he wrote. You can go to a wiki page that he set up and have a chance to change parts of the book that you don’t necessarily like. You can make modifications to scenes, characters, descriptions, etc.

There are a few ways to get this book:
1. Go to the blog for the book (librarytree.blogspot.com)
2. Download a PDF, MS Word, or TXT version of the book on my website (http://www.scottdouglas.org/thelibrarytree.htm)
3. Go right to the wiki page (http://librarytree.wetpaint.com).

Keep in mind you will need to start a free Wetpaint Wiki account in order to make the changes.