Jakob Wywialowski and the Angels – Review

I’m not even sure where to begin reviewing this short story, Jakob Wywialowski and the Angels by Audrey Niffenegger. It is a 1,255 words, 7 page short story about an elderly man, Jakob Wywialowski finding angels in his attic, and finding an exterminator to come and “angel-proof” his house.

This story is funny, sweet and ripe with imagery and humor. It is very different from Time Traveler’s Wife, but then again, so is everything else Niffenegger has written. Soon after reading Time Traveler’s Wife, I read The Three Incestuous Sister: An Illustrated Novel which really proved the depth and variety of Niffenegger’s style. She is quick to understand human suffering and emotional tragedy, but she also has a keen sense of humor. I fell in love with Time Traveler’s Wife, and I think I would fork over my entire library (minus The Princess and the Goblin) just to have a one hour sit-down conversation with the author.

This short is available through Amazon Shorts for 49 cents, and is sent directly immediately to your e-mail account. You can save this piece to your desktop, print it, or just keep it electronically linked in your Amazon Media Library.

It would be a really cool present to pick out some shorts by favorite authors, print them out, have them professionally bound and present it to a close friend/mate/parent. Its a very original anthology by yours truly, complete with your own dedication page and illustrations if you feel creative enough.

7 responses to “Jakob Wywialowski and the Angels – Review

  1. What a fabulous idea. I had no idea about Amazon Shorts. I’m totally going to put together an anthology. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I just came across the Amazon Shorts last night. Its a goldmine of fun little stories. Have fun with that anthology!

  3. I LOVED the Time Traveler’s Wife. I was waiting in great anticipation for her next novel, but it seems I can get my fix right now. 49 cents!

    Love the idea about the anthology as well. What a great gift idea!

  4. The Princess and the Goblin! I haven’t heard anyone mention it in ages. I may have to head to the library. Funny you should mention Amazon shorts – I have a gift certificate sitting right here with an odd amount on it, but will be perfect for “buying” several shorts – thanks for the tweak!

  5. rantsandreads

    Haha, I didn’t realize my anthology idea would be such a great hit. =)

    I love the Princess and the Goblin, I have an old discarded copy from my elementary school that I take with me everywhere I move. Its such a great book.

  6. I Just tried to purchase an amazon short and, unfortunately, they are not available in canada! Too bad.

  7. rantsandreads

    – That really sucks, I wonder why you can’t order the shorts online, if you can order everything else, that’s such a weird clause.

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