Daily Archives: June 16, 2008

New features

Since this blog is in its toddler stages of development, I am still trying to figure out exactly what purpose I want this blog to serve. I don’t want to be just another book-review feed, so I’ve developed two new pages to help round-out this literary blog of mine.

There is the Bay Area Literary Events page that will be updated daily with upcoming literary events, festivals, readings, etc., going on in the greater Bay Area of California. I’m going to try my best to attend as many of these events as I can pending work schedules and other obligations.

There is also a smaller feature of cool/unique used bookstores that I come across in my travels. Hopefully this will encourage me to travel more!

Library Themed Wedding

I came across this post on a library-blog that I read, and I couldn’t resist posting it here.

Author Scott Douglas held a library themed wedding that I think any crazed reader would want to replicate in some fashion.

The invites were the most library-related aspect of the wedding, while everything screamed avid reader. Each table “was named after a writer that Diana & I like; it had a book by that writer, a framed picture of that writer, and a library card with the writers picture on it; every seat also had a book-themed crossword puzzle.”

This is such a cute idea. I wonder how they rationed off the books on the table amongst all the guests?