Time Traveler’s Wife – movie updates + Book Fairs

According to IMDB, The Time Traveler’s Wife is set to be released on Dec 25th, 2008. The holiday season is the time for emotionally charged movies, and I really hope this film won’t disappoint. IMDB also has 6 screen shots from the movie, mostly Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams being cuddly together. I hope this movie doesn’t end up being a “girly” flick. Its so much deeper than that.

In related news, Henry De Tamble’s non-fictional library The Newberry Library in Chicago, IL is having a book fair July 24-27th this year.

“Feed your bibliomania at the Newberry’s annual Book Fair! More than 100,000 donated books have been sorted into 60 categories for your browsing convenience. With many books priced under $2, it’s easy to replenish your home library’s holdings on subjects ranging from antiques to zoology. Admission is free.”

It seems like not enough book fairs take place in California, least of all in the Bay Area. Do we not read here?

There are 2 events coming up that sound interesting though, the Steinbeck Festival in Salinas (August 7-10) and Litquake in San Francisco (October 4-11).

For more on book events in your area, visit The Library of Congress Book Fairs page.

2 responses to “Time Traveler’s Wife – movie updates + Book Fairs

  1. Sweet! I should be back for that! I’m SO there and I’ll report back 😉

  2. rantsandreads

    Great! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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