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Its been roughly 5 months since I first started this little blog, and while I seem to be hitting a steady stream of 30+ hits a day, I have to wonder how many of these visits are by regular readers, or just accidently drop-ins? While I can name a handful of people I know regularly read my blog, I’d like to know who else out there enjoys my ramblings.

So I pose a question, to the regulars and anyone just stopping by,

What is your ideal environment for reading? Do you like to be cuddled up on the couch with a cup of hot coffee? Outside in a park? In bed, before going to sleep?

I like to read outdoors, usually at a little coffee shop with some cool music in the background (very cliche, I know). But its fun reading about a whole new world and new people, then looking up out of your book, and trying to delegate made-up histories to the people sitting around you.


7 responses to “You are here

  1. Well, you already know that I’m a regular reader.

    My IDEAL environment for reading is generally curled up on a couch, but I can read pretty much anywhere. A couple of times lately when it has been too loud, I’ve just covered one ear and turned the other away from the noise, curled into a little ball, and kept reading!

    Park benches are nice too, on nice days.

  2. My ideal environment is, as above, curled up on the couch, early morn, while it’s quite, and with a cup of coffee. Although, I do read in bed, a little, before I drift off.
    I have a heck of a time reading anywhere else, as it seems. I have to read the same sentence over and over again, to click. Guess I’m easily distracted.

  3. I stumbled across your blog whilst trying to find one on literature for a Web 2.0 course. You were my first RSS feed and are now a welcome bit of distraction in and about my work feeds.

    I like reading on trains, it helps me switch off from the bustle around me, allowing me to escape into whatever world might be within those pages that particular day. Failing that last thing at night before I fall asleep

  4. rantsandreads

    Hi Sal!

    I’m glad I provide a little bit of distraction during your work routine. =) Thanks for reading my posts!

  5. All of the above, plus a few…

    I actually enjoy reading on the move (bus, train, car, walking – yes walking), or if still then lying on my bed (at any time of the day) or curled up in an armchair.

    I think I commented when I first found your blog.

  6. I have read lying on a couch, sitting on a chair, standing up on an overcrowded bus, on long flights and on short trips.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, your blog is a welcome addition to my feed reader!

  7. I enjoy reading while sitting really lazily on the couch. Haha! Hmm…and with a glass of juice next to me, too. Eating while reading would be quite distracting and I don’t really want to spill any food on my book.

    When I’m outdoors, I rarely read. It can be too noisy and I wouldn’t be concentrating on my book. I’ll be observing the various activities going on around me instead!

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