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Have I Got A Guy For You – Review

This entertaining collection of blind date war stories reads like a mix of Sex and The City meets Because I Said So. Have I Got A Guy For You, edited by Alix Strauss is a fun summer read, that tailgates the Sex and The City feel of big city dating frustrations, but throw into the equation moms who can’t distinguish decent from dorky and are desperate to see their daughters married off. There are 26 stories written by 26 intelligent published authors, recounting the days of dating disasters.

Each story follows the basic formula of:
1. Phone call from mother
2. Vague, yet overly enthusiastic description of unknown male
3. The date
4. The disaster

Although the formula is repetitive and predictable, each story is funny in its own right. However, this is not a collection that I recommend sitting down to read in one session. I couldn’t relate much to the stories since I’ve been in a long-term relationship for 5 years, and my mom has no intentions of setting me or my sister up on blind dates, but the hilarity of nosy and clueless mothers had me laughing with each story. The stories ranged from ethnicities (Jewish girls, to Indian girls, to Persian girls) to age groups and different decades of the first dates. It is universal and timeless that moms always think that they know best, no matter what language you speak, or what decade you live in, be it the 60’s or 2000’s. Each chapter title gives you a sneak preview to the rest of the story, for example: “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana” is the story of a mom with a crush on the man soon to be dating her daughter, take note that this man thinks that funny is puns and knock-knock jokes.
“Letters to Gelman” is a sage of a mother sending countless emails to Gelman, the producer of the Regis and Kathy Lee show. Each e-mail pleading with Gelman to call her daughter.

At the end of the book are brief biographies of each of the 26 contributers to this collection, highlighting their literary accomplishments, some even provide e-mail address and website address.

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What Really Happens When Mom Fixes You Up
Have I Got A Guy For You
Edited by Alix Strauss
Published 2008 by Polka Dot Press
ISBN: 1598694332
232 pages