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The Happiest Days of Our Lives – Review

San Jose hosted the Super Con, a comic book convention, on Sunday and I had gone with the intent of meeting Jorge Garcia (Hurley of LOST) and Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG and Stand by Me fame.

Those two are about as polar opposites when meeting fans as celebrities can get. Jorge was very reserved and quiet. He didn’t really talk much, but Will Wheaton was so friendly and talkative.

I’ve been a huge fan of Star Trek for a little over 4 years now, and in April I had a chance to meet and talk to Brent Spiner (Data) and now I got to meet Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher). I told him I was new to the comic book world, so he recommended some great titles to me; HellBlazer, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen, anything written by Warren Ellis.

I mentioned that I had graduated on Saturday and that I was going to be a librarian. His eyes lit up, and he gave me one of his books. He signed it and said that librarians had a huge impact on his life when he was growing up, he was very excited for me. Words cannot describe how infinitly cool I feel that Wesley Crusher thinks that I’m cool.

So, in due course, I sat down and read his book, The Happiest Days of Our Lives. Obviously, I bring a lot of bias to this review, because I’m such a huge fan of the actor and his work. That being said…

Its a short book of recollections of his childhood, his family and his experiences working on Star Trek. His stories are funny and his senese of humor about his life is really amusing to read, particularly his interactions with his stepsons. The entires were taken from his blog. He has a few other books published as well, Just a Geek, and he’s collaborated on a few comic books and mangas. He has some fiction work pending in the next couple of years, including a wholly original comic book. I can’t wait to see what he puts out there. Maybe at the next Super Con, I’ll actually be able to talk comic books with him on a more literate level.

Find this book at your local library

The Happiest Days of Our Lives
by Will Wheaton
ISBN: 0974116025
137 pages