T minus 15…

15 minutes until my 2nd interview for the San Jose Public Library System. Pre-interview butterflies never go away do they?

As much as this interview is on my mind, my thoughts keep drifting back to this passage that I read in the I Houdini biography last night. Namely that Harry Houdini was staying in a hotel during one of his tour, and while he was using the public phone in the phone booth, another hotel patron quietly got a hold of the key and locked Houdini in the phone booth, and sat around to see if Houdini could get himself out! According to the biography “Houdini was not amused.” I find that line and story so hilarious, and I’m not sure why.

4 responses to “T minus 15…

  1. That’s pretty much just an hilarious line. Good luck on the interview!!

  2. Did he?

    It is certainly amusing for the rest of us.

  3. And the reason I was leaving a comment was to hope the interview went well…

  4. rantsandreads

    Thank you for the well wishes!

    The interview went pretty well. I’ll find out the final decision by Friday. This is going to be one long week…

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