Harry Potter – Always a controversy

Harry just can’t stay out of trouble, either at Hogwarts or with the millions of avid readers that argue whether there is any value in reading the HP series.

The New York Times Book Blog (Papercuts) had an article about how HP finally fell off the Bestseller list this week. The article is ok, but the fun part is the comments section with people going back and forth about whether or not HP is worth reading.

Any HP reader has had this discussion with at least other 10 people who, most often, have not read Harry Potter and therefore, try to break it apart because of its mass appeal to people of all ages. I don’t push HP onto anyone and I’ve stopped defending HP. If you haven’t read the book, then I don’t want to listen to your criticisms. Give me one good reason why I should listen to your unqualified opinion over someone who did read the book and did not enjoy it?

Since its birth, HP has been a controversy in schools and in churches because of the alleged promotion of paganism that most conservatives seem to think run rampant in the books. What’s wrong with a little imagination? How is this any worse than all the violent video games kids play like Grant Theft Auto?

Its that age old formula that the more you try to ban a book, the more attention you bring to the book and the more it circulates. The American Libraries Association has a handful of lists of banned and challeneged books from libraries all over the US. I should scout those out and post that list on this blog. =) Those are the best To-Read books.


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