Free books and more!

Since having started this blog and reading other book reviewing blogs, I have come across more ways to access free books than I can count on both hands. Granted, almost all of them come from Devourer of Book’s blog particularly this recent one about Penguin Books.

Penguin Books is giving away 1,400 books to bloggers. more info can be found here. Its the normal routine. You fill in your info (email address, home address) and they mail you a random book, and you have 6 weeks to review the book after you have received it. My book is Joseph Andrews & Shamela by Henry Fielding

=) I’m very lucky I haven’t moved in with my boyfriend yet, and the guilt-filled looks of “another book?” haven’t worked their way into my daily routine.

5 responses to “Free books and more!

  1. My fiance LOVES it when I get these things. Mainly because for some reason he believes that the more FREE book I get, the fewer books I will actually buy.

  2. Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that your link (under “here”) doesn’t actually work.

  3. rantsandreads

    Thanks Lisa. I fixed the link, it should work now.

    Devourer, I love your fiance’s logic. If only my boyfriend could see it that way. He just thinks “more books, less walking space”

  4. Just try, “wouldn’t you rather have me get FREE books than have to PAY for them?!?”

    Of course, that logic is totally flawed, because I still buy far more books than I can read (more than I could read even if I WASN’T getting free books that had to go to the top of Mount TBR), but I’m trying not to blatantly disabuse him of his idea.

  5. rantsandreads

    Well, a couple times I volunteered to work a whole day at library book sales, and volunteers would get an entire Trader Joe’s sized paper bag full of books of our choosing, for free. I think I brought home over 100+ those days…

    I did end up re-donating over half of them back to another library because I knew I would never get around to reading them.

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