Daily Archives: April 23, 2008

Bookswim – website review.

Bookswim. Its like Netflix, but for books. What avid reader doesn’t want something like that?

I came across this website a while ago, researching SLIS alumni from my Library Science graduate school. One of the alumni founded this company which works like Netflix. You set up a queue, select your books, and select a plan that ranges from 2 to 11 books per month.

The prices range from $14.99 for 2 books to $35.99 for 11 books.

The selection seems pretty decent. I couldn’t find a couple of books I was looking for, but those books are pretty hard to find anyways, except on Amazon, everything is available on Amazon.

Unlike netflix, it is unlimited books per month, but I guess just 2 at a time, or 3 at a time. Either way, its much cheaper than buying the books, and takes up less space as you send it back. I’d be curious to see how the shipping works, since books are much heavier than dvds, and also if people write in the margins and what they write in the margins.

I’m not sure if I want to sign up for this just yet, as my local libraries provide all the books I currently want to read, but its a nice alternative to have handy.