6 Things

I was tagged by Devourer of Books to write about 6 random things about myself. So, Here goes.

1. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5+ years. 2 of which have been long distance.

2. I have a guinea pig named Ginny, and a cat named Nomo.

3. I am graduating with my Masters in May.

4. I am a Trekkie (Star Trek The Next Generation really).

4a. I met Data (Brent Spiner) at a sci-fi convention this past weekend. =)

5. I can only eat chocolate bars that have nuts (no plain milk chocolate for me)

6. I’ve developed an addiction to Sudoku this past week.


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Have fun.

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Mister Books

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4 responses to “6 Things

  1. I love Sudoku, my addiction turns on and off, though. My fiance and I went camping one weekend last year and I did Sudoku the whole car ride (4+ hours each way) and did Sudoku by firelight in the evening.

  2. I’m off and on with Sodoku too. I switch back and forth between sudoku and crossword puzles.

  3. My favorite sudoku thing ever is a magnetic sudoku board I bought. It has black dots with white numbers and white dots with black numbers and a booklet of different setups. Unlike most sudoku books you can use it forever (or until you lose too many pieces), because you won’t (or at least I don’t) remember all of the solutions for all of them. It is great for airtravel.

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