Daily Archives: March 27, 2008


I had the chance to go see an early screening of Stop-Loss last night. It doesn’t hit theaters until Friday. It was an amazingly strong movie, especially for being an MTV production. I think people of all ages will like the movie, not just the MTV age-group.
Up to this point, I have been avoiding watching any of the movies about the Iraq war, but I can’t give an honest reason why.  What I liked about this movie, was that it wasn’t biased one way or another. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, since the movie isn’t even out yet.

The cast was amazing, I didn’t know Ryan Phillipe had that kind of talent in him.  Each character represented a different aspect of the war, their interactions were really captivating to watch.

The movie starts very fast-paced (set in Iraq) and is very MTV mode with music blaring in the background. But at some point, the movie steers off course and gets very serious, very quickly. Its disturbing how many Americans shrug off the war because we don’t agree with it. We’ve collectively washed our hands of the blood-loss in Iraq because its the president’s war, not ours. That doesn’t excuse our behavior.

I’m not normally a political person. I’m not a devout religious person either. I believe in being a good person. I believe in helping those less fortunate, Not for profit and not for recognition.

What I find interesting, is that most of the people that will go see this movie, are the MTV generation of 16-30 something, and most of those people will already by anti-war to begin with. What I want to know is if John McCain will sit down and watch this movie and think to himself “what have I put these kids though? what am I asking them to sacrifice?” I don’t think he will.

I admire the people who have been protesting this war from the very beginning. It takes a lot of strength to keep voicing your opinions even though it seems as though no one is listening.