Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller by Henry James

Age: Adult

Henry James is an interesting author. He seems like he has fun with his stories. He’s an American author who has written 20 novels, 112 short stories and a few plays, I believe. I’ve only read The Turn of the Screw, and I’m currently reading Daisy Miller. The Turn of the Screw was semi Science-Fictionesque filled with ghost stories and creepy children in a giant mansion.

Daisy Miller is nothing like The Turn of the Screw. Its a more playful story. Mr. Winterbourne courting a young “common” lady named Daisy Miller in Geneva, Switzerland. Daisy with her timid and morally lax mother. Daisy with her hyperactive younger brother with an immense sweet tooth.

If one didn’t know Henry James was American before picking up this book, then they certainly would within the first few pages with the dialog consisting of “American boys are the best” “American candy is the best” etc.

Its funny that Daisy Miller was written about 50 some-odd year after Mansfield Park, by an American male, and still refers to the same standards of morality and social stigmas that plagued Mansfield Park.

I wonder what Jane Austen would think of Daisy Miller?

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2 responses to “Daisy Miller

  1. See, you’ve found a use for Mansfield Park already!

  2. Haha. =)

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