From one book to another

So, I started reading Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen.

I’m sad to say that I am one of those readers that does actually pick a book based on the cover. I’m so out of touch with contemporary literature that covers are all that really attract my attention when I don’t recognize any of the authors. This books caught my eye at a bookstore last spring. I put the book on hold at my local library about 3 or 4 times, each time having to cancel the request because I could never make the time to read it. Since then, quite a few people I know have picked up, read and finished this book, so I figure its my turn now. I’m about 6 chapters into the book, and I am addicted. It is a story of an old man (he’s either 90 or 93, he claims) remembering his time working at a circus during the depression when he was in his early 20’s. Its a captivating, sleepy book. The characters are varied and colorful, but its still too early in the book for there to be any major conflict. Its beautifully written and the author has a really natural talent for description. I hope this book doesn’t let me down. =)

2 responses to “From one book to another

  1. If the book carried you this far, chances are it’s a winner….of course the ending could just bomb, but I hope for you sake not.
    Peace and enjoy your reading.

  2. devourerofbooks

    That is the book for my book club this month, I really need to go and pick it up, I’ve heard very good things about it. As a response to misterbooks, I’ve heard the ending is fantastic, but I’ve also heard that there is some animal cruelty that can be hard for some people to get through (the ending is supposed to be worth it, though). I’m anxious to see what you think of it!

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