The Double

I feel I’ve read far enough into this book to start making some observations.

First off, the book has a very slow and steady pace. I’m about 100 pages into the book, and don’t know any more about the character than I did on page 1. I know that the main character suffers from depression, and upon seeing his clone in a random movie he rented, he sets out on a quest to find out who this double is, and try to meet him. That seems to be the main gist of the novel. Saramago goes off into many tangents that lead nowhere, and diverts from the plot to speak directly to the reader quite frequently. At first I found this trait amusing, but after a while it takes away from what little plot there is. The characters are somewhat dull at the moment, but I don’t see them improving as the story progresses.

Publisher’s Weekly have a horrid review of the book, and I see myself agreeing with parts of it. But since I liked Blindness so much, I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and finish this book, because the concept is interesting. Questions about identity are something every 20-something suffers through during the post-college years.


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