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Ted Kooser + Pocket Poem

Well, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I shared it with my two best friends over some mediocre beer and equally mediocre food at a local brewery in town.

My boyfriend of 5 years lives almost 500 miles away, but we never really celebrated Valentine’s Day before he moved away, so it didn’t feel that strage to not be with the one that I love, as everyone else touts Valentine’s Day to be all about.
What I did find romantic, and purely coincidental was poet laureate Ted Kooser reading a few selected poems of his on NPR yesterday afternoon. When my BF and I first started dating, we spent 1 spring break away from each other, and I made him write me a letter, and I wrote him one too. In that letter to me, he inlcuded a poem by Ted Kooser, and this same poem was read on air and discussed for a little bit by Ted Kooser. It made my day that much more romantic, just thinking back to 5 years ago when I first recieved that poem in the mail, creased and stuffed in an envelope with a letter of awkward conversation since we had only been dating for a few months, and were still trying to figure out how we really felt for each other.

If you are interested, you can hear the NPR All Things Considered interview with Ted Kooser and hear him read a large selection of his poems, including Pocket Poem.
Ted Kooser on NPR

Pocket Poem by Ted Kooser Continue reading