By The River Piedra, I Sat Down & Wept – Review

By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept.

Beautiful book. I can see why Paulo Coelho is the 2nd most read Latin American author after Gabrield Garcia Marquez. Reading this book was like reading the story of my boyfriend and I, and how we found our love for each other. The author is right, all love stories are the same. To see everything I had thought, felt, and said to be enacted by these characters shook me up. I felt this same way when I read Audrey Niffengger’s Time Traveler’s Wife. I guess love is more real and more of a focus in my life because we are in our 2nd year of a long-distance relationship. Its not easy, to have someone you love only pop in and out of your life for one weekend out of the month. Its not easy to not be able to see them, hug them, kiss them whenever you want.

Love is not like fairy tales. Love is painful and has its risks. I wonder if all of Paulo Coelho’s works are about love? This is the first book of his that I’ve read. I hope to check out more from the library today. This is the first book in a long that I actually sat myself down and read cover to cover, I did not want to put it down.

3 responses to “By The River Piedra, I Sat Down & Wept – Review

  1. I’ve never read Paul Coelho, but I must because I’ve heard so much about him.

    But I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a film of one of his books “Love in the Time of Cholera”, which I recommend if you haven’t seen it. Truly romantic, about a man who, after being rejected by the woman he yearned for as a young man, pines for her over fifty years, then meets her again, and they embark on the romance which should have happened fifty years ago.

    How much more romantic can you get than that!!

  2. Read the Devil and Miss Prym next… it’s in the series of the trilogy. Then I ABSOLUTELY recommend 11 minutes- it’ll satisfy your Coelho craving as well as a little background into prostitution combined. Let me know when you’re done…

  3. I didnt find The devil and miss Prym as interesting as the rest of Coelho’s novels.I recommend you to read the fifth mountain, and the witch of portebollo.In these books, you will experience the feelings of love and faith, which will effect your life
    good luck!

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