Looking through my bookshelf last night, I started wondering about what purpose I wanted my bookshelf to hold. I was looking for a book to read, but most of my books consist of books I’ve alread read.

I try to donate books all the time, to libraries or other charities, but some of my books I just have a hard letting go of because of sentimental attachments (books given as gifts) or because I just really liked that book. And some books I just keep around for bragging rights, ie Anna Karenina. Fantastic author, wonderful secondary characters, beautiful setting, very annoying lead character.

I don’t like to buy books. If I do, I buy them used from the Friend’s of the Library Bookstore, or their weekend book sales. If I can find the book at the library, then I just go that route. Most of the books I own, I know friends and family would want to, or need to borrow these books. So, its like I’m started my own library, with my own loan procedure.

I think I’m just frustrated because I have a lot of unread books on my bookshelf, none of which I feel like reading right now, and none of which I want to get rid of.


2 responses to “Bookself

  1. All of us bibliophiles burn out once in awhile, between books, not knowing what to read next, or wondering why we bought that book on our to be read shelf, as we have little interest in it now. But, it will pass, when the need for escapism calls us home.

  2. Misterbooks,

    Its always tricky trying to find the perfect book when you fall into the mood of wanting to read everything and nothing all at the same time.

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