Island of Dr. Moreau

Book #2 of 2008! Done!!

This book was much more eerie than War of the Worlds. This one tread too dangerously what could actually happen in this era. Although this book was written as a commentary on Evolution, with half man, half beast creatures roaming on a deserted island, it can also be a commentary on stem-cell research and cloning.

I’m not against scientific advances, I hope I get to see more revolutional scientific breakthroughs in my lifetime. I just wonder and worry at the greed and ego that comes along with it. You are, in a sense playing God, which is what Dr. Moreau was to his Beast People. He deified himself to their simple minds, and you could even see a transformation of the narrator, from innocent observer, to almost falling into the same mind-frame of Moreau when trying to control and rule over the Beast People.

I’ll think I’ll take a break from Sci-fi books for a while. Between reading two HG Wells novels at a time and having mini-marathons of Supernatural each night, I don’t want to numb my sense and appeal to the surreal.

Next book on my list is The Liar’s Club, which I am adamant to finish. And I think I’ll pick up where I left off on Blankets.

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3 responses to “Island of Dr. Moreau

  1. The s/f novels of HG Wells are such fun to read, since, from the vantage point of today, we can judge how accurate or inaccurate his futuristic worlds were, and we can also vicariously enter into the world as it was when HG Wells lived.

  2. Christopher –

    HG Wells had a really good grasp of humanity and human interactions. I love entering into any of his fictional worlds. One of my favorite thing about reading older Science Fiction books is seeing how much of what what written about actually came true. I love that books can be prophetic, or at least catalysts for change.

  3. Good review. Try some Dan Simmons for some good sci-fi. I was a plain old sword and sorcery fantasy buff until I stumbled upon Hyperion.

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